Turns web pages into images

SiteCapture is a software application for Mac OS X that creates image representations of web pages.

With the click of one button SiteCapture loads a set of web pages and creates images in the format you want. The pages are rendered using WebKit, the browser engine used by Safari.

What for?

Fill your website portfolio page with screenshots, effortlessly. And because you can create them with one click, it's very easy to keep such a page updated with the latest screenshots.

Feel free to use SiteCapture for any purpose that comes to your mind and tell us about it.

What pages?

Choose a Safari bookmark folder and SiteCapture will process each single bookmark contained in it. Or manage your own list of web pages within SiteCapture. Or synchronise the web addresses with a server.

What size?

Choose which size the virtual browser window should be and specify a thumbnail size — you can either save only the thumbnails or keep the original sized images too. The supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or BMP.

What then?

Automator IconUse Automator to streamline your workflow: Append a date to the image file names or upload them to your web server or do whatever you want.

Updated: February 23, 2014